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Earn & Invest

Oct 29, 2020

In this episode we discuss with Paul Ollinger the recent death of his father and what he learned from him about money and happiness.  Plus at the end of the episode I discuss my podcasting/interviewing role model.  

Oct 26, 2020

We discuss with Jason and Pili Yarusi from The Jason and Pili Project how they live in the zone every day.  And they do it joyfully.  Plus a bonus segment with Diania Merriam about her upcoming webinar.  

Oct 22, 2020

We discuss the controversial subject of day trading with Jerremy Newsome from  Hold on tight, his arguments make a lot more sense than you would expect.  See if this episode changes your mind.

Oct 19, 2020

We just experienced possibly the shortest recession in recent history.  We discuss with Rick Ferri, Karsten Jeske, and Jen Smith the surprising consequences.  You might just be surprised by our conclusions. ...

Oct 15, 2020

Grumpus Maximus answers one of the most difficult questions:  should I stay or should I go when it comes to waiting for a pension.  Plus a short segment with Vazul Hites on looking for a job post college graduation in a time of COVID.