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Earn & Invest

Apr 29, 2019


In Episode 29 four guest wrestle with the definition of passive income, why it matters in our paths to financial independence, and when is enough... enough.

While the guests wrangle on the precise definition of what passive really means they all agree on the greater purpose behind why we want it.

The guests are


Apr 25, 2019

In this Episode we invite 4 audience members to takeover the panel, share their stories, and turn the microphones around on us and ask us questions.

 Check out Paul's new book Escape: Money Mindset to...

Apr 22, 2019

In episode 28 we have 4 guests who talk about how they define risk, how we might be under estimating our risk premium, and share insights on how to include risk in your plans for financial independence.

Karl from Mr. 1500 Days

Karsten from Early Retirement Now

Steve from Think Save Retire

Todd from

Apr 18, 2019


This episode is a lighthearted episode as a change of pace where we dig into cohost Paul David Thompson's back story and how he found his voice despite suffering from a speech impediment and crippling shyness as a child.