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Earn & Invest

Jul 22, 2021

Hello everybody and welcome to the earn and invest podcast where we not only teach you how to earn and invest in your financial life, but also your unique meaning and purpose/ I’m your host Doc G and today we are going to explore making your first creative dollar with Michelle from the blog savvy history.

Now wait a minute. I’m certain that for some of you out there, money and creativity go hand in hand. But maybe even for the majority listening at the moment you might say: Hey, I’m in my forties or fifties and am looking to retire from my job as a doctor, lawyer, engineer…fill in the blank. What’s creativity got to do with it?

That’s how I felt. In fact, I was so busy building a career as a physician in my formative years that I continuously pushed down many of the creative outlets which I really enjoyed. I always spurned activities like writing and public speaking because I thought they were just hobbies.  No one makes any money doing that! That’s why I became a doctor…to make a living.

Yet it was only after reaching financial security that I realized that I had filled my life with activities that lacked the true sense of meaning and purpose that I was looking for. And then I returned to these creative ventures.

Listen, we’re not just talking about creativity here. We are talking passion. The old advice used to be “follow your passion”. Now, all the gurus tell us “forget passion, go after what your good at and follow your passions in your spare time.”

And it’s not just you.

Maybe your past some of these decisions, but what about your kids? Do you support your daughter dropping her engineering major to pursue dance? Do you accept your eighth grader’s poor grades because he’s a guitar prodigy?

What do you do?

Michelle is the creator of the platform Savvy History which explores biographies using music and storytelling. Michelle specializes in taking true stories from the past and presenting them in an engaging way with folk music. The original music of Savvy History is one part of a larger project focused on creativity throughout history, distilling research into songs, classes, and written articles about inventors, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and explorers. You can find her blog series entitled First Creative Dollar at