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Earn & Invest

Apr 28, 2022

We all can look back at the struggles in our lives and see how far we have come. Aaron Golub was determined to play football although he is legally blind. On this episode we talk about his successes and failures and what it taught him about entrepreneurship. 

Apr 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to get into real estate but were afraid of making mistakes. If you are lucky enough to live in Denver, you can engage the FI Team. This group of real estate agents will teach you how to achieve financial independence through rental real estate. 

Apr 21, 2022

He created one of the largest magazine and in shop sales businesses of consumer electronics. Now Richard Thalheimer wants to teach you how to make outsized equity returns with options investing. Should we listen as index investors?

Apr 18, 2022

Can you truly teach financial wellness? Even if someone is not ready to hear? We discuss with father and daughter duos JL and Jessica Collins, and Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner. Hear the trials and tribulations of well intentioned dads and their much smarter daughters.

Apr 14, 2022

Matt Richter won six figures on the Swiss version of the gameshow Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This early windfall at the age of 21 taught him much about money management and how to deal with windfalls. You might not win a gameshow, but anything from a raise to an inheritance can leave you wondering what to do.